Hand Care Wear On Clear Probe Surgeon Mask
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              Hand Care





                     XL Elbow Gloves

  • HAND CARE is the only EVA glove for Medical use. Established as a Market Leader in India.

  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymer) Disposable Gloves

  • Sensitive natural skin feel Touch for better Investigation by doctors.

  • Sensitive natural easy to wear instant slip-on no powdering required which eliminates infection.

  • Non-toxic free of plasticizer, non-allergic, medical grade plastic.

  • Ambidextrous.

  • No danger of cross infection due to imperfect re-sterilization.

  • No danger of perforated gloves.

  • No additional cost / investment for sterilization.

  • Cheaper and economical.

  • Wear On is specially formulated mix of Virgin High Molecular High Density Polyethylene, Linear Low Density Polyethylene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymer.

  • Material Thickness is 30 micron

  • Integrated single smooth cut design with no sharp edges for maximum durability.

  • Heavy duty high tensile strength adding toughness as well as soft texture and light weight for comfortable wear.
    Specially designed spigot neck for covering and protection of neck.

Wear On

Clear Probe

  • Clear Probe is Sterile Sonography Probe Cover for better Sonography results with gripper attachment.

  • Translucent virgin non-toxic EVA Film (Medical grade plastic).

  • The Probe Cover ensures superior investigation results.

  • Sterile / Non-Sterile Disposable Shoe Covers with attachment facility (for Operation Theatre / Clean Room use).
  • Material Composition: Specially formulated compound mix comprising of low Density Polyethylene and other additives.
  • Material Thickness: 40 micron.Universal size
  • Broad sole for comfort and can be worn over slippers / shoes
  • Easy slip-on up to calf height 17 inches
  • Special attachment facility for tight grip
  • Heavy duty, tough and rigid
  • Soundless and comfortable walk
  • Available in sterile and Non-Sterile forms

Clean Care

Surgeon's Mask

Gyne Procedure Sheet

Clean Sheet

  • Sterile Disposable Drape Sheet -28 inch x 54 inch, procedure area can be cut through depending on need.

  • Gynae / Procedure Drape Sheet– Size 28” X 54” – With 8” DIA Opening.

  • The clean sheet (Gynae / Procedure) is used by Gynaecologists and surgeons for use during operations.

  • The Sterile Sheet is used to cover/Drape the patient and the 8 inch dia operation is positioned under the abdomen area in the locating area for operation. Therefore, the peripheral areas of the operation area is under sterile condition exposing only the “localized operation area”.

  • In case the operation area varies from the locating hole as provided in which case the surgeon can cut / slit the sheet pin pointing the specific area of interest as per normal and exiting practices.

  • The EVA film has the ‘cling’ properties which helps the sheet to stick to the body of the patient and the draping is better and more complete. This helps the surgeon as the sheet does not keep on shifting.

  • Sterile Tubing of 100 inch length, 8.5 inch width Seamless Tube with both side open ended with gripper attachment for protection of lenses and lead wires.

Laproscopy Tubing

Gauze Swabs

  • Ready- to-use swabs and gauzes of BP Standard including embedded Radio Opaque X-Ray detectable filament. Available in various sizes.

  • Comprising of assorted sterile Protectives (Latex Gloves, full Sleeve double laminated impervious Gown, Shoe Cover, Heavy Duty Drape Sheets, Moulded Goggles, Face Mask & Cap) custom packed for AIDS investigation. All ITEMS INDIVIDUALLY STERILISED.

HIV / Hepatitis Kit