Artificial Insemination Device Semen Wash Media Cyto Brush Endometrial Biopsy Curette
Semen Collection Jar Laminar Air Flow Incubator Cryo Can
Centrifuge Tube Pasture Pipette





         Artificial Insemination Device

  • Artificial Insemination Device kit contains:
  • IUI deviceRef.No.101205
  • IUI Device, open tip
  • IUI Device Ref.No.101212close tip bothe side hole.
  • IUI Device Ref.No.101217 O open tip
  • IUI Device Ref.No.101217 close tip both side hole.
  • Semen Wash Media Kit contains

  • Ehance semen processing media 5 ml. in vail,
    for swim up, storage 2 to 8 Deg.C pack size 5mlX10pc.

  • Den I 2ml gradient system

  • Den II (1ml +1ml. gradient system

  • Ham F-10,5ml for sperm processing kit

  • HTF 5ml for sperm processing

Semen Wash Media

Cyto Brush for Papsmear Test
  • The Cyto brush Cell Collector for endocervical sampling is excellent for nulliparous, menopausal, and women that have had a conization procedure. The gentle brush collects large amounts of cells that are easily transferred to slides for analysis.

  • The Papanicolaou test is a screening test used to detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the endocervical canal (transformation zone) of the female reproductive system.


     Endomerial Biopsy Curette is used for:

  • tissue collection through side holes
  • Smooth Rounded Distal Tip
  • Steady Vacuum
  • Minimal Patient Discomfort with 10ml syringe

Endometrial Biopsy Curette

Wide Mouth 60 ml Semen Collection Jar

  • Semen Collection Jar is used for collecting Semen for sperm analysis purpose
  • Wide Mouth Jar
  • Storage : 60 ML
  • Laminar Air Flow is used as :
  • Sterile work area for all peppiting , available sieze 2 to 6 Ft.
  • 0.03micron HEPA, motor on hook
  • Vibration Free, SS table , statics mono meter

Laminar Air Flow


  • Cryo Can :

Cryo Can

Centrifuge Tube


Pasture Pipette