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  • FISSY fixes the cytologic sampling on the slides ensuring a long preservation.

  • A little dispensing of product is enough to get a good fixing without alteration of the color and of the quality of the sampled cells.

  • It does not contain any ozone damaging propellent.

  • The composition is transparent, alcoholic based and soluble in water or solvent.

  • Gyno-Light allows illumination of the vaginal canal.

  • It fits both central key and side-screw specula. It is provided with two points light source for a proper illumination of the vaginal canal, and its upper point light source can be adjusted by the operator.

  • It's easy to set and remove thanks to spring sideholders.

  • Gynolight does not come into contact with mucosa, it is reusable and works with commercial batteries.

  • It is supplied into a soft case with a couple of standard 1.5 volt batteries.


Kiwi Cup

  • The Kiwi Omni Cup features a low profile and stem-free traction that makes it possible to place the cup safely and correctly over the flexion point of the fetal head (3cm forward posterior fontanelle).

    Please ask for free brochure giving complete details of the product and its usage.


     Pap Test kit contains:

  • Endo Cervical Cytology Brush.
  • Cervical Cytology Brush and Wooden Spatula.
  • Cervical Cytology Brush and Spatula.

Pap Test


  • Rampipella is used for endometrial hystologic sampling and sperm sampling in post coital tests.

  • It allows a painless and easy routine screening of the endometrium avoiding dilation and traction of the uterus neck.

  • The tip is rounded for an easy and smooth insertion.

  • A plunger slides into an outer sheath with 2 side ports on the tip. Its anti-slip finger grip assures reliable suction and maximum control.

  • Silicone Tubing is made of medical grade silicone.

  • It is Autoclavable, Non-kinking.

  • It Does not support bacterial growth.

  • Sizes : 5mm x 10mm
             10mm x 16mm
               6mm x 9mm

    Tubing of various sizes can be made on request.

Silicone Tubing

Silicone Vacuum Pump

  • Silicone Vacuum Pump is Autoclavable for repeated use.

  • Size : Available in Medium and Large size.

  • Easy insertion, excellent vacuum seal.

  • Shortens second stage of labour in occipital delivery.

  • Minimises risk of traumas in forcep delivery.

  • Silky Golves comes in Paper / Plastic

  • Made from EVA.

  • Offers Excellent TACTILE Sensation.
    Fits Snuggly.

  • Sterile and Non Sterile Gloves.

  • Three Sizes : Small / Medium & Universal.
    Powder Free.

  • Economical.

Silky Gloves on Paper

Silky Gloves in Plastic Pouch

IUI Canula

  • A Wide range of IUI CANULA to satisfy individual preferences.

  • Size : 12cm. Side / front open with syringe
             15cm. Side open with syringe
             15cm. Curved, side open with syringe
             17cm. Side open with syringe.

  • Also available short Canula.

  • Vaginal Probe Cover is made from Pure Natural Latex.

  • Adequate Length.

  • Fits Snuggly.

  • Silicone Free.

  • Sterile and Unsterile Covers.

  • Useful for T V S and OVUM Pickup.

Vaginal Probe Covers

Power Free Gloves

  • Powder Free Gloves is made from Pure Natural Latex.

  • It is Gamma Sterilised.

  • Three different sizes : Small, Medium & Large.

  • Useful in Infertility Practice.

  • Handlin is used for procedures where uterus manipulation and / or injection of costrast media is requested (e.g. diagnostic and operative laparoscopy, fertility examinations, etc.).

  • It has a curved shape for an easy insertion and a stiff handle allowing a firm safe manupulation. It is provided with a double lumen inner catheter with a measurement scale ranging from 4 to 10 cm (1 cm resolution) to assess correct insertion depth.

  • The catheter is provided with a simple locking system to avoid accidental movements during the procedure; a PVC 10 cc balloon with diameter 20 mm placed on the catheter tip to minimize any accidental perforation and avoid contrast media reflow; a one-way valve for balloon inflation directly connected to an outer reference device showing the real condition of the inner balloon; a female luer lock connector for constrast media injection.


Rigid Injector

  • Rigid Injector is used for the injection of contrast media (radioopaque / methylene blue) in hysterosalpingography / sonohysterography.

  • It is made of a rigid introducer, a rigid radio-opaque double lumen catheter provided with a thermoplastic rubber 2.5 cc balloon on the distal part that allows a firm positioning of the catheter; a stopcock to regulate balloon inflation; a female luer lock connector for the
    injection of contrast media.

  • It is supplied with a 2.5 cc syringe.

  • Mini Injector is used to infuse saline solution into the uterine cavity in sonohysterography diagnostic procedure.

  • The device is composed by :

  • A light blue catheter with centimeter markings on the distal tip for easy positioning into the uterine cavity.

  • A radiopaque side-holed soft tip to allow salineinfusion.

  • A dark blue rigid introducer to advance soft rubber stopper into uterus neck for a guarantee of perfect sealing.

  • The catheter ends in a female luer-lock connector for syringe connection.

Mini Injector

Mastectomy Products

Breast Prothesis

  • We are distributors of MAXIMA SILICONE BREAST PROSTHESIS of France, in India.

  • For Breast cancer patients who have their breast removed surgically will find these prosthesis very convenient, comfortable and reassuring.

  • With your MAXIMA prosthesis - no more restrains; freedom of movement - to live your everyday life with perfect confidence.

    MAXIMA prosthesis are manufactured with an extra flexible silicone gel which is very similar to the natural breast tissue.

  • MAXIMA prosthesis are available in various shapes and sizes to suit individual requirement.

  • Please consult your operating surgeon and occupational therapist who will guide you about the shape and size best suited to you.
    The prosthesis can be procured by courier against advance payment.